Hello! I’m a writer and  product-focused content strategist. I have years of experience helping organizations create content that’s designed for humans to understand and use.

What the heck is a product-focused content strategist?

I'm glad you asked! This means that I design the interaction language in apps, software and websites. Instead of pixels, I work with UI text and microcopy to help improve the user experience. 

How did you get into doing this?

Until April 2015, I was a content strategist at Facebook where I focused on making the words you see on the interface easier to understand. I was also the editor of the Facebook Design Page and tweeted as Facebook Design. While in the California office, I managed the team of content strategists focused on building Facebook products for businesses. 

Before joining Facebook, I traveled around the world for a year and ran a boutique content strategy consultancy where I developed interface content and communication strategies for a range of international clients. 

You can see more of my employment history or read my references over here on LinkedIn.

Anything else?

I like books, old cameras, typewriters, travel, animals, nostalgia, cooking (but not baking), kindness and straight talk. I write and take photographs in my spare time. 

I was born and raised on the cold prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Can we work together?

I'm in the process of relocating to New York City and am not currently available to take on work. I'll make sure to update this page when my status changes, likely by January 2017. 

Though I'm not available to work with you, I'm always keen to chat with people who are excited about what they're doing. Please get in touch. If you want to learn a bit more about my approach to product content, these essays are a good place to start:

Can I see samples of your work? 

Upon request I'm happy to walk you through some of the work I've done. A good portion of my work is under non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) so this means I have to be careful what I share and where I share it out of respect for previous employers and clients.